Sunday’s menu

Català / Castellano


  • Sauteed mushrooms from the undergrowth with “Lo Pernil de Ponent”
  • (Nightingales, trumpets of Death and shiitake) 12.90
  • Vegetable noodles km.0 with seeds and flavors of black truffle 8.90
  • Barbastro tomato carpaccio with Burrata Catalana cheese, walnuts and pesto 9.90
  • Garraf’s Xató (with chopped cod, tuna, L’Escala anchovies, olives and romesco) 8.90


  • Lazy paella “Delta rice with shellfish without shell” (Minimum for two. Prep 30 min.) 14.90
  • Vegetables paella km.0 “Organic Delta Rice with veggies” (Minimum for two. Prep 30 min.) 13.90
  • “Pota Blava” chicken cannelloni with a light béchamel sauce and gratin cheese 8.90
  • “Pota Blava” lasagna with spicy béchamel with nutmeg 8.90


  • «Vegetarian» broken eggs (with pumpkin and branched broccoli flowers 8.90
  • “Cuixot Català” broken eggs with (with baked potatoes and “Lo pernil de Ponent”) 9.90
  • “Cabrejats” (angry) broken eggs (with baked potatoes and salsa brava “Molí de Pomerí”) 7.90
  • Broken eggs and Mi-cuit (with baked potatoes and Foie del “Ànec de l’Empordà” 10.90


  • Catalan-style cod nose with nuts from Les Garrigues 13.90
  • Grilled fresh tuna with vegetable julienne and sesame 12.90
  • Grilled Mediterranean prawns with turmeric mayonnaise 14.90
  • Grilled octopus leg, cachelos puree, paprika and arbequina oil 15.70


  • Chicken leg ‘El Rei del Galliner’ with l’Anoia chickpeas hummus 11,90
  • Grilled Berguedà lamb chops with black allioli 14.90
  • ‘Magret’ from “Ànec de l’Empordà” (duck) with bitter orange jam and blueberries 13.90
  • Moixina beef steak (300g.) With garnish and mountain herb oil 15.90


  • Homemade peasant egg custard with vanilla ice cream 3.90
  • Homemade yogurt with cherry jam and crispy muesli 3.90
  • “La Fageda” ice cream according to your taste 3.40
  • Harvest fruit Km.0 with melted chocolate 3.95
  • Light cheescake with cherry jam 4.20
  • Catalan cream with crunchy cane sugar 3.20
  • Cadí curd with Bio honey “Rosend Margalef” 3.50

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