Castellano / Català


  • Mixed salad with Cor de Bou tomatoes, tuna and hard-boiled egg
  • Delta rice with meat and seasonal vegetables
  • Natural sautéed pumpkin, cauliflower, green beans and red rice (with a touch of turmeric)
  • Potato salad, vegetable splash, stuffed olives, tuna and hard-boiled egg
  • Light cream of «Prat» artichokes with ham shavings
  • Cod carpaccio, kumato tomatoes and black olive. (Suppl € 2.70)
  • «Pota Blava» chicken cannelloni and cauliflower béchamel sauce. (Suppl € 2.90)


  • Fresh tuna, potato and pickle tartare
  • Whole turkey breast «fajitas» with vegetables
  • Broken eggs with baked «platillo» potatoes and bacon viada de la Noguera
  • Bio de l’Anoia chickpeas «drowned» with chopped cod and «broccoli»
  • Seed toasted bread trays, piglet medallions and Goat’s crown
  • Grilled octopus leg with «cachelos» puree and arbequina oil (Suppl. € 6.70)
  • Grilled «Moixina» beef steak with «chimichurri» (Suppl. € 6.90)


  • Combined with three seasonal fruits
  • Natural strawberries with orange juice and ginger
  • Homemade yogurt with crispy muesli and cane sugar caramel
  • Light cheesecake with red fruit jam
  • Farmers egg custard with ice cream
  • «Blanxart» chocolate truffles with cream (Suppl. € 2.70)
  • Catalan cream ice cream with Avia ratafia (Suppl. € 2.90)

Today’s menu, included in the price: water and bread.

13,90 € VAT included

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